Autumn Agora 2017: Ideas in Euruption!

Better late than never: here comes a short review of the Autumn Agora, our organization’s general assembly, which took place this fall in Catania, Sicily.

Two times a year around 1000 young ambitioned people with one vision gather together and meet in a selected european city to talk, debate and vote on the further development of their wonderful organization. This general assembly is really important to us because here we make big choices like voting on the Board of AEGEE-Europe (Comié Directeur), statutory changes and initiatives.

There is a lot going on during these five days-not only in the plenary, but also outside of it. A lot of workshops, working group meetings and of course parties sweeten and facilitate the sometimes a bit entrenched and exhausting everyday life of the delegates and visitors of the Agora.

This fall there were quite a lot statutory changes, that has been discussed and voted on in smaller groups. It was a stormy affair sometimes and the one or another speaker, defendant or opponent argued to his/her very limits. Of course there also have been some less demanding moments, in which the tired party heart of an AEGEEan could get some rest. And this rest was crucial because the parties were wild: Four parties in four clubs in four nights with less than four hours of sleep per night take their toll and so, after a while, you could not see the lawn anymore for the bunch of exhausted delegates who tried to get some rest on it during the short breaks of the sessions and fell asleep so easily, warmed by the nice sunshine rays.

But in the end, it was not only the productivity of the Agora that counted so much but at least as much as that also the famous AEGEE Spirit that probably never gets as much as nourished as during the Agora. These five days enrich. Motivation, Inspiration, Knowledge and Skills, these are the gifts of our organization, but also the gifts we give ourselves, because when 1000 people who all pursuit the same goal come together, something really special happens: The AEGEE Spirit appears.

And 1000 participants also means: 1000 potential friends, how should it be different with us, from all over Europe.


Julia Labryga

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