February, 12 2018 | Düsseldorf Helau!

AEGEE-Düsseldorf goes Carnival

Last weekend the carnival season came to its peak. On Sunday some of our membery followed the invitation by AEGEE-Tilburg to explore the Dutch way to celebrate carnival. After the long parade we needed to warm up, so we went to one of the party tents. and started to move our bodies to the rhythms of well known carnival songs but apparently with Dutch lyrics. Luckily, after one or two beers no one noticed anymore when we were singing the (original) German lyrics of these songs. We took the last bus back to Düsseldorf so we could take a rest before the big parade on the next day.


Celebrating Carnival with AEGEE-Tilburg

On Rosenmontag (rose monday) – the peak of the rhineland street carnival – we continued celebrating carnival. At 12:30 am the big parade started with a little delay. We were watching the carts passing by. Together we were dancing, partying, collecting sweets and enjoyed our good mood. The weather was very sunny but pretty cold so we had some Killepitsch and Altbier for warming up from the inside.  ,

AEGEE-Düsseldorf at the Rosenmontagszug

The highlight of the parade was the cart of “Die Toten Hosen”. The Düsseldorf punk-rock band surprised not only us with their spontaneous live concert on their cart during the parade. Also dthe satire carts designed and built by Jaques Tilly were great. He was showing for example a cart with Teresa May who was giving birth to a monstrosity – the Brexit.  After the parade we went to the Ratinger Straße were we had some beers and were smoothly ending this awesome carnival day. Helau!