Y Vote Convention on Participation in Civil Society

35 young motivated European met during 5.-10. February 2019 in Düsseldorf. We hosted on of AEGEE-Europe’s Y Vote Conventions, which was on the topic of participation in civil society. The conference took place in the Haus der Universität in the heart of Düsseldorf’s city center. The participants learned, discussed and explored European Union politics, elections and different opportunities of participation… Read more →

Start of Summer Term 2018!

The summer term is going to start soon and we are preparing our AEGEE-Düsseldorf Info-Week! The new PR  materials just arrived and since yesterday you can find them on the campus. As always we have our well known stickers, but this year we have also cool posters and postcards! Did you already see some of the stuff around? Everyone who… Read more →

Borderless Europe – can we dream that big?!

n March AEGEE’s ‘European Planning Meeting’ took place. This year Armenia hosted the meeting what made the EPM to something very special because for the first time in 32 years there was a statutory event held in the Caucasus. Because of this, that EPM will certainly make history within AEGEE. The European Planning Meeting takes place once a year. The… Read more →

February, 12 2018 | Düsseldorf Helau!

AEGEE-Düsseldorf goes Carnival Last weekend the carnival season came to its peak. On Sunday some of our membery followed the invitation by AEGEE-Tilburg to explore the Dutch way to celebrate carnival. After the long parade we needed to warm up, so we went to one of the party tents. and started to move our bodies to the rhythms of well… Read more →