AEGEE-Düsseldorf is a non-profit association, which is member of its umbrella organisation, the European Students’ Forum since 2009. It is an officiall antennae of AEGEE-Europe.



An open group of students.

As a European Student Forum, we are an interdisciplinary student association and are open to every nationality, language, age group or field of studies.

A great active circle of friends.

We see ourselves as follows: We work together for exchange, intercultural understanding and education. Team spirit is of the essence for us.

Cultural Exchange: A network of many cities.

We aim at connecting young Europeans through our vast network of association branches all over Europe. We are part of this network to support in field cultural exchange.

Your events. Cultural or political.

With us, everyone can pursue their own goals from the very beginning: Our events are organised by members for enthusiasts. New ways and ideas are always welcome and we provide you with the support to to realise them. Our spectrum of topics ranges from cultural exchange to political education.

Develop your soft skills: In theory and practice.

Local engagement promotes practice, you learn by doing. You’ll also gain further experience with seminars here and in other European countries. You never stop learning in AEGEE.

An European network of contacts and support.

As part of AEGEE-Europe, we are connected through one of the biggest student networks of the entire continent with friends all over Europe. Each event brings new contacts and friendships, without caring for borders.

Together we are individuals.l.

With AEGEE-Düsseldorf you can realise your
own ideas, all while we work together as friends and as a network, and we help each other reach our goals.