Dusseldorf is a great city to explore – and we show you how to do it! Walk with the original Free Walking Tour Düsseldorf and get to know the town as our guides see it. Join us for a walk!



Free walking tours are first about walking and second it’s for free.

The Free Walking Concept offers you tours done by locals with the intention of making you feel the spirit of a town. It is not supposed to be the tour that tells you all the historic and detailed information about every building. It’s the tour, that tells you the funny stories of the town, that shows you where to go to have a good time and that makes you meet new people by the way. 

Every one of our guides does his tour in a slightly different way: the reason is, that our guides want to take you with them through THEIR very personal Düsseldorf. That’s why it is as individual and as authentic as it is. But don’t worry: every tour covers the highlights that you need to seen.

And if you are in economics and feel sceptical as “there is no free lunch”:  a tip is of course welcome!


Since the summer 2016, AEGEE Düsseldorf is offering the first Free Walking Tour through our beautiful city! As a European Students Forum, we want to welcome visitors in Düsseldorf friendly, authentically and of course in a student-budget-approved way.


WHEN? Every second sunday at 3 pm. Check out our Calendar.or Facebook.

WHERE?  The meeting point is Heinrich-Heine-Platz – the square between the Carsch-Haus and the subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee, just where the green pavillion stands. Look for the guy holding the free walking tour umbrella.

HOW LONG? The walk lasts for about 2.5 hours, that’s about 5 km.

LANGUAGE? Our Sunday tours are held in Englisch, but our guides speak German and French as well (not all of them).

WEATHER? We walk no matter what’s the weather.

QUESTION? Contact us via


We start from Heinrich-Heine-Platz, which is located in the old town directly next tot he subway station Heinrich-Heine-Allee. The route is about 5 km long and follows the most important sights in the city centre. Our speciality: Each guide’s  route and stories have a different focus to get an individual point of view on the city.

On the map, you can find the highlights of the Free Walking Tour Düsseldorf:



Jonathan has studied economics in Düsseldorf since 2014 for three years. Today he works in a bank in Düsseldorf. But no matter if suit or shorts: he always feels comfortable in Düsseldorf’s brewerys.


He usually spends his days in the labs of a local medical research institute to write his PhD thesis. But weekends and evenings he uses to explore the city from different perspectives. So you have good chances to find him sitting in a rowing boat fighting against the waves on the Rhine.


He is living in Düsseldorf since 2013. He moved here for studying social sciences at the Heinrich-Heine-University. Probaly, you will meet Victor in Oberkassel on the Rhine meadows – it’s a great place for a barbecues, a beer and relaxation with friends.

All our guides are volunteers and guide you in the city in their spare time. If you liked their tour and you want to appreciate their work – tips are welcome! The tips are shared between the guide and the AEGEE-Düsseldorf to ensure the continuity of the tours.